Learn How To Make more money at your Cafe / Restaurant Business with fresh brewed iced tea sales at BestCoffeeMakers

Commercial Ice Tea & Coffee Brewers:

Iced Tea & Coffee Brewing Machines Make More Money with Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea Sales! Want a great way to expand your beverage profits? Serve genuine, freshly-brewed iced tea - steeped the old-fashioned way - in a BUNN Iced Tea Brewer that really helps merchandise this delicious beverage. One pound of tea leaves brews up to 205 glasses of delicious iced tea. At an average cost of 3¢ per 10 oz. glass, you can readily see how gross profits on iced tea sales quickly add up to big profits for you! Don’t miss the money-making possibilities of adding a BUNN iced tea brewer to your beverage lineup. Your customers will love the taste, while you enjoy all those additional profits!