Delonghi® Pump Driven

Espresso Maker / Cappuccino Machine - Black / Silver




DELONGHI® Esclusivo Pump Driven Coffee Espresso/Cappuccino with Cup Warming - Black/Silver

PATENTED DUAL-FUNCTION FILTER HOLDER: unique filter holder accommodates two separate attachments. The patented sempre crèma filter, used with two measures of ground coffee, enhances the brewing process to produce a perfect crèma. Distinguished by its caramel color, the crèma is the essence of authentic espresso. The E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) filter, used with pods or one measure of ground coffee, makes espresso preparation simple and convenient.

PATENTED CAPPUCCINO SYSTEM FROTHER: Adjustable frother includes a special chamber that mixes steam and milk to create a rich creamy froth. It's perfect for making the ideal cappuccino, latté or any other frothy-milk drink.

35-OUNCE/1-LITER REMOVABLE WATER TANK allows for convenient filling and easy cleaning. It also includes a convenient water level indicator.

STAINLESS-STEEL BOILER: 15 BARS OF PRESSURE Made of durable, high-quality stainless steel, you can count on getting great espresso for years to come.

REMOVABLE DRIP TRAY makes cleanup hassle free

TWO SEPARATE THERMOSTATS: Because water temperature and steam pressure are separately controlled, you can make espresso, cappuccino or latté at the perfect temperature for each.

SELF-PRIMING OPERATION lets you make your favorite beverage quickly and easily, with no annoying start-up preparation.

Dimensions: 12.01" x 8.19" x 12.80"

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